Strategic Image

There is no doubt that in this world image is everything. It defines the way people see you, how they treat you, and whether they love you or not. Getting and applying beauty tricks is relatively easy, but building up an image is not. Therefore, image is an important part of the establishment of companies and public figures. The approach to strategic image comprises a complete study of the general values of the figure or company, their mission, principles, goals, and what they want to display internally (to their team) and externally (to the market).

Thus, a strategic image is defined as the smart construction of an identity based on the principal values and purposes of the company to achieve a greater influence on the target market.

Within strategic image area, these are some of the services that Imago Consult can offer you:
  • Corporate image consulting
  • Business consulting
  • Creative services
  • Artistic consulting
  • Image internationalization