Best Miss Model Colombia

July 06, 2017
Sadi Paul Brancart, CEO of the image advising company Imago Consult, was a member of the jury at the contest that chose Colombia's 2017 best model on June 14th. The event was held at the 4.40 Music Hall.

This year's winner was miss Karen Ortiz from Santander.

Modeling is a profession loved by many, though underestimated by others. What many people don't know is that both female and male models follow a strict lifestyle, given that their main tool to stay on the guild is their physical appearance. Rigorous diets, hours of training, beauty treatments, and weekly flights are just some of the many sacrifices that most of them make for their career.

Besides, becoming a model is not that difficult, the hardest part is to maintain the job. Some people tend to see modelling as a frivolous profession where the only thing that matters is to have a toned and slim body and great height, but being a model is not all fairytale.

This contest implies some requirements. Of course, the candidates must have a good image and a perfect body, but a versatile attitude is the most important attribute that a model should have on a runway or in front of a camera. His or her beauty must never distract the spectator's attention from the product, on the contrary, their beauty is what helps it stand out—a balance quite difficult to reach. In short, not anyone can be a model, because a model is, for example, Miss World, who represents her country or charitable causes. Of course, equally, a model is security, charisma, and attitude, but with a particularity—a "chameleon" beauty that fuses with the product he or she is promoting and complements it.

Sadi Paul Brancart, representing Imago Consult, is grateful to have been able to be a part of this event and for belonging to the select jury group. The competition between candidates was tight, but Imago Consult played an important role in the final decision thanks to its knowledge and experience of all topics related to personal image.