2017 Miss Thong Colombia International Beauty Contest

March 01, 2017
Corporate image consulting in Colombia, judging panel of Miss Thong Colombia 2017Headed by mayor Dr. Juan Carlos Mendoza Rendón, the 2017 Miss Thong Colombia International beauty contest took place in the municipality of Granada, in the Meta department, from the 6th to the 9th of January in Puerto Caldas, near the shores of the Ariari river.

The contest was attended by a select panel of judges composed of the famous journalist Amparo Peláez, the notable cosmetic surgeon Miguel Barreto, and image expert Sadi Paul Brancart from Imago Consult.
The task at hand was very demanding for the jury, since it is necessary to choose a lady that fits a strict set of criteria: beauty, of course, but also style, manners and culture, personality, emotive expression, among others.

The main goal is for the chosen beauty queen to later continue on to even higher and more difficult levels of competition. Being able to make a selection while keeping the balance of all these complex variables can be a challenge.

Miss Thong Colombia winner, corporate image consulting in ColombiaFor a member of the jury the hardest thing is choosing just one beauty queen. This makes for one happy winner, but leaves the rest of the contestants harboring big disappointments. Nevertheless, this is the golden rule of all beauty pageants and contests and it cannot be avoided.

The competition for Colombia's most beautiful women was jointly arranged with other sports events in the vicinity of the Arari river such as mountain biking, soccer, volleyball, motocross, stunt acrobatics, among others.

The nights were enlivened by entertainers and musicians such as Pipe Bueno, Joel Sound, Ivan Villazón, Paola Jararra, Daniel Gualdrón, Elder Dayan Díaz, and Yelsid.

The title of Queen of the 2017 Miss Thong Colombia International was awarded to Stephany Martínez Gallego, native of Valle del Cauca, and the title of first runner-up was María José Holguín del Quindío.

What a fabulous experience!