Corporate design is strongly related to corporate identity. It intends to promote a company's reliability by creating an attractive image. Each communication element or tool that a company uses is developed with the purpose of enhancing its brand concept. Therefore, graphic design should be used as a branding strategy.

We're dedicated to the development of brand personality by creating a set of representative elements, using them strategically to achieve a positive public perception and a significant competitive advantage.

Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive design consultancy that goes from conceptualization to the completion of every detail of the product. The continuous search of our creative, professional, and experienced team, full of fresh and intelligent ideas, is what makes us one of a kind.

At Imago Consult, we create, modernize, and help companies create a unique and innovative image to enhance their brand. We are also specialists in ambiance, atmosphere setting, fashion design and interior design. We can design any product or object you can imagine, as well as anime and cartoons.

Within the design area, these are some of the services that Imago Consult can offer you:
  • Design consulting
  • Logo design
  • Graphic design creations
  • Business card design
  • Poster design
  • Interior design for offices and any other spaces
  • Home decoration
  • Furniture design
  • Object design
  • Editorial design
  • Cartoon design
  • Fashion Design