Water and Design

March 27, 2017

After celebrating World Water Day on March 22nd, we wanted to dedicate some words that depict the relationship between water and design. Water, believe it or not, is a relevant and important factor in design.

For starters, we want to highlight that water is the source of all life on Earth. Without it, none of the abundant splendors in our world would exist. It's the water, the sea, the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, and the waterfalls that give life to the beautiful landscapes around the globe.

From their very beginning, humans have tried to master and control water by decorating their backyards, gardens, and cities with pools, ponds, or artificial beaches. With this in mind, we conclude that water can actually be considered an experienced designer.

Rivers, throughout their entire existence, have proven to be awesome design sculptors; they create valleys and canyons whose beauty never cease to amaze us. Under water, down deep into the ocean, you can find the most sophisticated designs, colors, and decorative patterns of the marine flora and fauna, sometimes they even surpass the beauty of the ones we find on solid ground.

We can look up to the sky and see that clouds are just suspended water—their erratic and sometimes organized designs… a myriad of moving forms that represent the wonders of nature.

When water freezes, it becomes one of the most extraordinary matters in the world. When it snows, each snowflake falls in a unique shape, and from that shape, they become an innumerable number of different snowflakes designs. They each have a stylish appearance and a perfect symmetry – there are no two the same. Not even the most innovative computers and design programs are that creative.

Humans are not the only ones capable of being esthetic. Here at Imago Consult, we know that very well. For that reason, we respect nature and its primary component: water.

When we toast to our success, it is with mineral water in our glasses, a symbol of purity and transparency. Cheers to you and our planet!