The Purest Love

May 12, 2017

This May, we wanted to devote a few lines to one of the joys of life: mothers, the hardworking women who are always full of love, compassion, and tenderness.

There is no greater or more genuine love like a mother's love for her child. Children are the source of inspiration and power for the women who give everything and expect nothing in return—selfless love, sleepless nights, advice, tenderness, laughter, and millions of sacrifices.

Ancient Greece is where Mother's Day began. They used the occasion to honor Rhea—mother of Poseidon, Zeus, Hera, and Hades. From that time on, a countless number of countries started to join the festivity. Nowadays, this day is celebrated worldwide every second Sunday of May.

Why May? This is the month of Mary, mother of Jesus and a divine representation of maternity. However, we don't have to wait until May to honor our mothers and let them know how important they are to us.

Although some think of this day as a commercialized event, there aren't enough presents, dinner invitations, and flowers to thank the devotion, values, and education our mothers give to us throughout our lives.

As sons or daughters, we will never fully understand the happiness and sorrows we cause to our mother; their love and devotion is beyond our comprehension.

Maternal love is the principal and most important element of our development and personal growth.
Unfortunately, there are many who had grown up without a maternal figure. Those who do have one, don't know how lucky and fortunate they are.

The love we receive, we give. A person who has been raised with love will likely give the same affection to their children, family, and the people he or she is surrounded by. Like the famous French writer Victor Hugo once said, "Our mother is incapable of hurting us. The only great pain she can cause to us is, one day, pass away and leave us alone."

In Imago Consult, we don't let such important occasions like Mother's Day pass us by. We will never forget maternal love; it's the most valuable gift any human being can have.