The Language of Fashion

May 08, 2017

Your appearance often determines how others treat you, and as the saying goes, there are no second chances at first impressions.

Under the concept of nonverbal communication, fashion plays a key role.

Fashion is no longer a controversial and underestimated topic, but a basic need. You feel it, live it, and breath it every single day; from your hairstyle to your shoes to the handbag you use.

There is no doubt that the media has greatly influenced this change. They are continuously selling trends and beauty stereotypes that we ''unconsciously'' seek to follow. Up-and-coming, well-known, or haute couture designers; fashionistas, bloggers, models, actors, and famous singers have all become a source of inspiration.

People used to leave the house with the first thing they spotted in their closet, choices were scarce because there were dress codes that didn't allow us to be risky about the way we dressed. Nowadays, these regulations have disappeared, allowing people to be bolder about the way they dress. Choosing the outfit we want to wear has become almost a ritual and even if it sounds trivial, appearance is everything.

You can easily tell how important it is for a person, the opinion of others about their physical appearance. For example, our impression of a someone who looks disheveled would never be the same as someone who, contrarily, always looks put together.

One of the most demanding fields when it comes to personal appearance is the professional environment. It's not enough to have experience; a clean and attractive appearance is practically a requirement. It is hard to inspire trust in others if we appear to be sloppy.

If I don't care about the way I look, I most certainly won't care about the things I do and if turn out well or not. It is more about professionalism and responsibility than about vanity.

We are always communicating through our concepts, gestures, or style. Our look defines us and it represents us. It is easier to identify a person by their style. The way we dress speak volumes about our personality, values, and the way we want to showcase ourselves and be perceived.

Fashion is and will continue to increasingly be a platform for freedom and maximum expression. Through fashion, we show who we are and are able to express our taste and character.

At Imago Consult, we are fans of all things avant-garde, innovative, and daring to provide our clients with a wide and creative array of services focused on fashion design.