Ecstasy, the Opium of Design

March 15, 2017

"The term ecstasy, from Greek έκ-στασις (ekstasis), refers to the state of an overwhelming or intense feeling of joy, pleasure, admiration, etc., towards something or someone."

Did you think we were talking about something else? Ha-ha, no. We are referring to creative ecstasy.
This trance-like state happens when you feel a strong emotion towards a project you're passionate about, an idea you came up with, or an upcoming work you love.

The state of ecstasy is disguised as an emotion, an imagination, or an inspiration. You must hold on to your vision and try to make the most out of it. Be creative, investigative, thorough; take advantage of what you can to achieve good results.

How do we make this happen?

The moment you feel inspired, begin to work immediately; there isn't anything as fast and practical than developing a good methodology. Write down your ideas and work carefully, expanding each one individually. Set up a schedule for each task and create a realistic working plan, one you know you'll stick. Keep in mind that a photo montage or design may take longer than expected, even more if you're a perfectionist like us here at Imago Consult.

Above all, remember that any cool idea or inspirational moment won't materialize itself—you're the one who has to make that happen. Do your best and continue to push yourself. Give it your all! That way, once you've finished your work and sit to admire what you've achieved, you'll realize what it truly was: a moment of creative ecstasy.