Creative Frustration

March 08, 2017

How many times do you experience a creativity block? To answer this we would have to start by briefly explaining what creativity is. A definition by Guildford (1952) states that "In its narrow sense, creativity refers to the abilities that are characteristic of creative people, such as fluidity, flexibility, originality and divergent thinking".

What happens whenever we feel uninspired or stuck? This is called "creative frustration." How do we end up here? When we constantly repeat the same design patterns, when we cannot make way for an inspiring idea, when we forget to go outdoors and appreciate what surrounds us.

For Imago Consult, the main goal of a designer is to continuously evolve; it is taking criticisms and taking on the challenge of becoming better and daring to be different to achieve surprising results. The truth is that the basis of creativity is hard work, and being resilient and courageous.

When all of this happens in a designer's life, we encourage you to look at things through a different perspective; calm your mind and distance yourself from all the things that socially or culturally inhibit your imagination.

Creativity can come out of nowhere, the only necessary action is to leave our comfort zones and experience new things, be bold, without fear of judgment because no one has ever been spared from negative comments. It is of paramount importance to always stay up to date; cultivate the habit of researching trends that catch our eyes as well as other commercially successful ideas. Keeping references and being on the lookout for elements that stimulate our ideas are ways to keep the inspiration flowing.

That is the way we work at Imago Consult and that is the reason why we are unacquainted with frustration, knowing our imagination is limitless!