About Us


One day, I decided to change of life. I was tired of a job that no longer featured my expectations. So I decided to jump into the void and this without a parachute. I had to change work, home and country. I lived at first with a temporary perspective in the Caribbean but occurred the only thing that could happen to me, that is to want to stay in this magical region. I had to let free my creative instincts and set up my company Imago Consult.

I love what I'm doing.
I give lectures on topical issues, it is a skill that I acquired with my previous experience. As for the design and manufacture of fashion garment, that was an innate skill that I later perfected with classes of design, jewelry and fashion.

The gold medal that can be admired here next is the one that received my mom for being the first of all college students in her country for 6 years in a row. On the backside of this medal it says "efforts will always be rewarded" and that is what gives me the strength to go on forward every day, overcoming any obstacle.
I work with a team of specialists who sometimes make a fun of me but they are adorable.


We will be a company that grows respecting the ethics and values of artists and creatives, while dedicating our talent and creativity to the development of culture, design and fashion in the Caribbean region and the rest of the world.


Our creative dynamic, driven by the joint efforts of multidisciplinary professionals, allows us to respond to the yearnings of design that all our customers could have. We are not a conventional company and we assure you that we will do everything possible so that it won't be your case neither.