An Excellent Team to Boost Your Identity and Image
We Are Passionate about Design
We offer creative solutions tailored to your company
A strategically created image promotes the values and principles of your company to help it attract new clients and foster their loyalty. We advise you in the creation and renewal of your image and corporate identity.
At Imago Consult we have an experienced creative team, highly trained and specialized in turning ideas into magnificent visual products.
At Imago Consult we create bold and carefully crafted pieces of clothing that will make you stand out. We feel passionate for fashion and we seek to go beyond the conventional, having sophistication as a personal seal.
We rely on an international team of professionals

Former diplomat and ambassador with an excellent, internationally recognized professional trajectory. For a long time, he was the head of a diplomatic mission, overseeing numerous subjects. Nowadays, he is an entrepreneur with a degree in design and jewelry. He's passionate about graphic arts and culture, which is the basis of Imago Consult, formed by a team of international and multicultural professionals with a diversity of mindsets and skills that enable us to offer insightful concepts and unique solutions, time after time.