A Powerful Identity and Image Is What You Are Looking For
Lucky you, you landed here in the heart of a creativity hub!
You want an image that promotes the values of your company, an image that highlights its identity and modernizes it, right ? Well, that's what we do! We offer this service to businesses, to individuals and to artists. At consulting level we give lecture on numerous topical issues.
At Imago Consult we are proud to have a highly skilled and experienced team that allows us to materialize ideas into unusual products.
Imago Consult owns the brand SADI PAUL BRANCART ® of exclusive garments with bold styling and excellent making. We have a passion for fashion and seek to go beyond the conventional. Our offer is sexy but never vulgar.

Sadi Paul Brancart is an entrepreneur graduated with degrees including a Master of Arts achieved at the world-famous University of Louvain. During a long period he was a professional working in other horizons in positions of high responsibility. Today he also graduated in design, jewelry and fashion: hence therefrom arises Imago Consult, an aesthetics and design consultant, and owner of the fashion brand SADI PAUL BRANCART® composed of a team of multicultural professionals with a diversity of views and skills that can offer relevant solutions and concepts that, yes, yes, will blow your mind.