November 08, 2017

Fashion, Culture, Civilization, And Seduction

An unconventional Article by Ambassador Sadi Paul Brancart from Imago Consult According to Imago Consult, a leader in fashion apparel concept development in the USA and Colombia, fashion is one of the most revealing indicators of a culture's trends and values. The beginning of the school year in Western countries is still an indicator of the fashion trends that women or men will adopt in the upcoming year. Women's fashion is traditionally more noticeable than men's, garnering most of ...

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July 17, 2017

Colombia Is Trendy

Colombia is filled with festivities this month. On July 20th, we celebrate Independence Day and Flag Day, both which bring happiness and pride to the nation—a time for Colombians to honor the tricolor flag. Regarding these historical festivities and the evolution of the nation throughout its existence, it's important to highlight that, in a country known for its diversity in music, gastronomy, traditions, languages, landscapes, etc., fashion also holds value. Colombia is a multifaceted cou...

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July 11, 2017

The Irresistible Sensuality of Black and Its Relationship with Image and Fashion

Black, as powerful as elegant and sober. Times passes by, fashion changes, but black remains. Why is this? Simple. Here I will mention some reasons why the color black hasn't and will never go out of fashion. ELEGANT: Since black is sober and dark, it is perfect for night gatherings or any other occasion, really. A black dress never goes unnoticed; on the contrary, it makes the person wearing it stand out. Let's remind ourselves—everything related to luxury always comes with black. E...

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June 12, 2017

The Woman Today

Having celebrated the Cannes Film Festival's 70th anniversary, where women like the American Sofia Coppola and the German Diane Kruger were awarded, the former for directing 'The Beguiled' and the latter for her role in 'In the Fade', we feel inspired to write about women and their role in filmmaking. Although female involvement in filmmaking hasn't been as loud as men's, it has still influenced the industry. The first short film directed by a woman premiered in 1896. The film, « La fée au...

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May 29, 2017

The Light in the Urban

Many people tend to mistake painting for photography and vice versa, but there is a clear distinction between the two, even if they serve a similar purpose. Painting is based around color technique while photography is based on light. Painting has a longer timeframe of development, where the painter can let their imagination run and get inspired. Photography is less planned, much more spontaneous and instantaneous. In paintings, we exteriorize our feelings, but in photographs we capture mo...

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